Repair in record time – now also for greater damage The new black 1500 ml cartridges can be used to repair a wide variety of damages and downtimes can be reduced to a minimum.

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The new PREMIUM repair patches offers exceptionally high adhesion thanks to a specially developed bimodal bonding layer – for even more precise and easier application.

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Thanks to the innovative REMA ID SF and REMA ID CV RFID patches, we offer retreaders, fleet operators and tire service providers the possibility to securely and contactlessly identify and track their tires throughout the entire product life cycle

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Market strengthened

Rema Tip Top AG acquires Polytechna AG

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Repair in record time – Every unplanned failure of the conveyor belt system is wasting money. With the 2-component-polyurethane paste REMAREP ULTRA 10 downtimes can be reduced to a minimum.

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REMA TIP TOP is a globally operating system provider of services and products in the field of conveying and treatment technology as well as tyre repair. REMA TIP TOP provides a global service network and offers a broad range of polymer based products, linings and coatings for the industrial as well as for the automotive sector.

The company employs about 8,000 people and has more than 180 subsidiaries and participations worldwide. In fiscal year 2020, REMA TIP TOP registered sales of approximately 1 billion euros. 

REMA TIP TOP stands for quality, service and innovative solutions in all its business divisions: ONE BRAND – ONE SOURCE – ONE SYSTEM.

Poing near Munich, January 20, 2022. REMA TIP TOP AG acquires Polytechna AG. With the acquisition of the full-range supplier for conveyor technology based in Wetzikon, Switzerland, the REMA TIP TOP Group strengthens its strategic position in Switzerland.


Poing near Munich, December 9, 2021. In 2020, REMA TIP TOP launched REMAREP ULTRA 10, a two-component repair material that significantly speeds up the repair of minor damage to conveyor belts. As of now, the product is available in a black version in significantly larger 1500 ml cartridges designed for major repairs.


Poing near Munich, November 4th 2021. REMA TIP TOP is the first company worldwide to launch a tire repair patch with an innovative bimodal bonding layer. The "Made in Germany" quality product developed in-house features exceptionally high initial adhesion as well as significantly improved structural strength. The professional manufacturer and supplier of system solutions from Bavaria has applied for a patent on the special mixture of several types of rubber in the bimodal bonding layer. The new PREMIUM line will be available early 2022.



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