Combining environmental protection, innovation and quality

In order to optimize environmental friendliness in an ongoing manner, REMA TIP TOP chemists work continuously on new formulas and compositions. These take into account the most recent regulations from environmental authorities as well as new mining and foodstuff industry requirements.

Don’t replace it, keep it

Conveyor belts, processing plants and tyres – keeping working material in a good state, maintaining and repairing it is not only economical but also sustainable. Repairs that have been carried out professionally permit both the continued use of the tyre, and, through retreading, create a second, and possibly a third, tyre life. 

That way, many millions of litres of crude oil are saved that would otherwise be needed for the production of new tyres. 

Connecting sustainability and economic efficiency

Specialists continue to develop new materials and solutions in our laboratories and on our high-tech tyre test rig. The REMA TIP TOP Product Development Department continuously works on the substitution of materials, plasticizers or solvents that are health hazards. The intensive cooperation between our development departments, production and our customers gives rise to technically mature, application-oriented products.

In this context, the tyre repair product range "Green & Clever", which utilizes no chemical solvents, was introduced to the market by the company in 2012.

Don’t spare your own production

REMA TIP TOP also places great emphasis on sustainability in our production processes. We continually strive to optimize the energy efficiency of our systems, use raw materials more effectively and apply, for example, new processes that allow us to utilize waste materials. Where at all possible, we use renewable energy sources. 

Sustainability is of fundamental value within the framework of our strategic growth planning. We design our internal processes from the resource efficiency perspective and align our products and services even more specifically to the requirements of our customers.