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REMA TIP TOP, the world's leading manufacturer of tyre repair systems, delivers innovative products and service packages that make your work processes easier. A balanced program of high-quality repair materials, tools and vulcanizing equipment for almost all types of tyre and damage ensures long-lasting repairs.

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Our innovation - Your profit: M-RCF repair patch

  • Excellent adhesion, with reserve strength for extreme conditions
  • Practical interval between patch installation and vulcanization
  • No application of vulcanizing cement required = saves cost and working time
  • Quality of repair not influenced by drying time
  • Shorter repair time since no drying/ wait time required before
          installation of the patch by up to 40%
  • No additional requirements for exhaust ventilation of fumes from solvents
  • Convincingly demonstrates environment- friendly tyre repair
  • No restrictions due to requirements on the storage of hazardous materials, hazard analysis etc.
  • Modular patch design significantly reduces the range of repair patches
  • Covers all typical injury sizes with less inventory quantities
  • Easier patch selection, reduced repair effort

M-RCF Repair patch

M-RCF Repair patch M-RCF Repair patch  

Product catalogue

Product catalogue Product catalogue