More sustainability in cycling: Repair flat tires instead of buying new ones

Poing, near Munich, August 3rd, 2023. What to do in case of a flat tire? The tire repair experts at REMA TIP TOP recommend repairing punctured tubes instead of disposing them too quickly. REMA TIP TOP has been developing high-quality products for the repair of bicycle tires for over 100 years and demonstrates in its new video how the repair can be done easily and quickly.

Repair saves waste and protects the environment

With about one billion bicycles in the world, repairing them can make a major contribution to protecting the environment. About 75% of the damage that occurs on a bike is located on the tire or tube. The environmental benefit of repairing bicycle tubes rather than throwing them away is enormous.

Damaged bicycle tubes often end up in the residual waste, although they could certainly run for another few thousand kilometers. "Many tubes are discarded too early for the sake of convenience," notes Uwe Dohse, Product Manager at tire repair specialist REMA TIP TOP. Recycling of bicycle tubes is offered by only a few manufacturers.

Every bicycle tube that does not end up in the waste helps to protect the environment. By repairing with high-quality repair products, the service life of a tube can be extended almost indefinitely, if it does not reach its limits due to aging of the material or other influences and therefore needs to be replaced.

A repaired tube is as good as a new one

Low-quality patching materials and incorrect use often cause repaired tubes to leak air again after a short time. That's why some people prefer to buy a new one right away, even though an old tube repaired with high-quality repair materials following the manufacturer's instructions is as reliable and durable as a new one.

When repairing with high-quality repair kits, the patch is not glued on but permanently vulcanized. The prerequisite for this is that the vulcanizing liquid is applied evenly to the roughened and dust-free surface and allowed to dry for a few minutes according to the manufacturer's instructions before the repair patch is applied.

Repairing is significantly cheaper than buying new

A new bicycle tube costs three up to more than 20 Euros, depending on the specific type. A repair with a repair kit from REMA TIP TOP with seven repair patches, on the other hand, costs only about 50 cents. This is a significant cost advantage over buying new, especially since a repaired tube is just as resilient and durable as a new one thanks to vulcanization.

Repair kits from REMA TIP TOP for fast and reliable repair

REMA TIP TOP has been developing high-quality products for the simple, fast and durable repair of bicycle tires for over 100 years. In its new video, the company demonstrates step by step how a punctured tube can be repaired in just a few minutes, even when you're on the road. Click here for the video: