REMA TIP TOP to emphasize the importance of excellent maintenance standards for industrial sustainability at COP28

Dubai 18th, 2023. REMA TIP TOP is a global leader in industrial maintenance, enabling businesses in more than 170 countries to achieve their operational targets with a wide range of services, products and proven expertise. At COP28, the company advocated for industrial maintenance to prioritize repair and reuse over replacement to reduce material waste.

“Extending the life of industrial equipment is vital for both sustainability and efficiency,” says Michael Labbé, Executive Director at REMA TIP TOP. Sustainability does not just involve being kind to the environment but also being smart about resources and costs. This is where REMA TIP TOP's maintenance experts come in and implement customer-specific strategies.

Today, experts agree that predictive and monitoring strategies are more effective and sustainable than passive, corrective maintenance. Accordingly, maintenance is not a one-off project, but a continuous process that must be systematically managed. Consistency and discipline are the key factors in achieving excellent maintenance and operational results.

REMA TIP TOP's maintenance services and solutions aim to support the circular economy. "Repair and refurbishment over replacement of equipment is our premise," emphasizes Mario Delmaestro, General Manager Operations at REMA TIP TOP Middle East, who is a proven expert in comprehensive maintenance programs.

To improve the operational reliability and sustainability of industrial plants, REMA TIP TOP offers its customers a full maintenance service, ranging from comprehensive inspections, repairs and modernizations, eco-friendly products and materials to tailored strategies to increase efficiency. Highest maintenance standards meet almost 100 years of experience.

At COP28, REMA TIP TOP experts Michael Labbé and Bruno Lucena provided valuable insights into next-generation industrial maintenance and explained how the principle of repair and refurbishment over replacement of equipment can make a significant contribution to avoiding material waste.

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