REMA TIP TOP Shapes Future Surface Protection Strategy in Dubai Summit

Poing, near Munich, September 5th, 2023. Dubai hosted a 5-day conference where REMA TIP TOP, a global leader in industrial surface protection, set its strategic course. Executives from around the world gathered to discuss pioneering solutions, the company's strategic vision and its future direction.

First REMA TIP TOP Middle East Surface Protection Conference 2023

30 surface protection experts from 15 countries gathered in Dubai to discuss the company's surface protection strategy. It was the first event of its kind, designed to drive discourse on the new REMA TIP TOP vision, share best practices and reaffirm the company's commitment to excellence and sustainability. Bundling its know-how and decades of experience, REMA TIP TOP advances surface protection solutions for a sustainable future.

REMA TIP TOP’s approach to sustainable Surface Protection

The company's Surface Protection solutions, tailored for chemical and acid-intensive industries, excel in chemical resistance, acid proofing and asset preservation. Highlighting its commitment to sustainable practices, REMA TIP TOP underscores its focus on safe and eco-friendly industrial operations. “In Dubai, we spotlighted our dedication to sustainable practices that curtail environmental impact,” stated Benjamin Gatzlaff, Head of Surface Protection – Asia Pacific at REMA TIP TOP.

Sustainable foundations of REMA TIP TOP surface protection

Focused on sustainability, REMA TIP TOP experts provide repair and maintenance services that limit material waste and consumption. By extending the lifespan of equipment through advanced surface protection, the company reduces early replacements and optimizes resource utilization. Quality maintenance and material preservation for conveyor systems and processing equipment are essential to operate at peak efficiency and availability.

More detailed information on the new surface protection strategy within REMA TIP TOP's new vision will be announced soon. For more insights into REMA TIP TOP's surface protection solutions and services, please visit