REMA TIP TOP at the Dubai Mining Show 2019: "In the Region, for the Region!"

Dubai Mining Show on 5 and 6 November | Surface, corrosion and heavy wear protection| Innovative and preventive monitoring, maintenance and repair solutions for conveying systems

"REMA TIP TOP is strengthening its commitment in the GCC region to directly serve the market as REMA TIP TOP Middle East," says Michael Labbé, Executive Board member of REMA TIP TOP AG and CEO of REMA TIP TOP Middle East, explaining this step. "It is our commitment to the region to get closer to our customers, to become a local partner, understand the needs and trends of the region". With the new regional logistic centre, located in Dubai, Rema Tip Top secures the supply chain and will offer a 24/7 availability with short reaction times.

The Dubai Mining Show will be the optimal platform to introduce Rema Tip Top Middle East and pre-sent technological trends in the bulk handling industry, focusing on asset management and situation awareness through the use of artificial intelligence and high-tech monitoring systems.

“Monitor, maintain and manage” your conveyor belt system by utilizing Radar based sensor technol-ogy, conveyor belt thickness monitoring, steel cord scanning and belt rip detection methods. The im-plementation of these technologies will improve system availability, minimize downtime and reduce the risk of unplanned shutdowns.

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