Interview: Trusted tire mounting paste REMAXX SPORT for new challenges in e-mobility

Poing near Munich, February 10, 2022. REMAXX SPORT is the mounting paste of choice in many automotive businesses for mounting ultra-high performance tires and run-flats with standard mounting equipment - approved by leading manufacturers. In this interview, Moris Khalil, Product Manager Automotive at REMA TIP TOP, explains how REMAXX SPORT can fully demonstrate its proven performance even on electric drives with very high torques.

Mr. Khalil, REMAXX SPORT is an established brand in tire fitting. What makes this product special?

Like all Rema TIP TOP mounting pastes, REMAXX SPORT stands out for its top quality and excellent properties for fast, protective and easy mounting and demounting of all types of vehicle tires. REMAXX mounting pastes are chemically neutral towards rubber and metal to protect tires and rims in the best possible way. In addition, the product provides excellent lubrication for mounting and demounting tires to prevent injuries, especially to the tire bead. Once mounted, our pastes provide adhesion between rim and tire, preventing tire slippage, or tire migration.

REMAXX SPORT stands out in particular for the fact that the paste dries quickly and reliably after mounting to prevent tire migration, for example due to fast starting.

REMAXX SPORT is ideal for tire fitting on sports cars. What are the challenges here and what benefits does the product offer?

REMAXX SPORT was specifically designed for the high-performance sector. When mounting and demounting tires, a mounting paste must not only provide excellent lubrication to prevent injuries to wide tires and run-flats. It must also dry fast after mounting. There is a simple reason for this: only when the paste has dried properly optimum adhesion between tire and rim can be ensured.

The adhesion between tire and rim is extremely important in the high-performance sector, as high torques often apply to the tire straight after mounting and balancing. A little too much gas when leaving the workshop while the mounting paste has not yet dried can cause the tire and rim to shift against each other, which can have unpleasant effects on sports cars. Likely consequences: wheels have to be rebalanced, customers are dissatisfied. This can be prevented by using REMAXX SPORT, as this paste dries quickly and immediately provides maximum adhesion between tire and rim.

What do sports cars and electric vehicles have in common? How can automotive businesses in the field of e-mobility already benefit from REMAXX SPORT today?

The power transmission in electric drives is instant, which means that very high torques apply to the tire and rim. Depending on the vehicle type, these torques can be much higher than in high-performance sports cars with combustion engines. The challenge, therefore, is also with electric vehicles to achieve a frictional bond between tire and rim as quickly and reliably as possible after mounting. For both sports cars and electric vehicles, this requires a mounting paste that provides optimum lubrication and at the same time dries as quickly as possible to prevent tire migration due to torque when moving the vehicle.

REMAXX SPORT offers exactly these properties and is thus suitable for both types of drive. One key benefit is that automotive workshops do not have to use another special mounting paste designed for electric vehicles, but can use REMAXX SPORT as usual for mounting and demounting tires with standard mounting equipment. This is good news for automotive businesses, so we have noted this on our new product labels: next to symbols for motorcycles and cars, you now also find a vehicle with a lightning bolt indicating the product's suitability for electric vehicles.

Thank you very much, Mr. Khalil, for the interview!