Bimodal bonding layer providing high Green Tack now available for repair materials for diagonal tires and quick repairs of car and truck tires

Poing near Munich, September 8, 2022. In November 2021, REMA TIP TOP became the first company in the world to launch a tire repair patch with a bimodal bonding layer for exceptionally high initial adhesion. First available for radial tires only, the company now offers this innovative technology for PN repair patches for diagonal tires as well as for quick repairs of car and truck tires.

Tire damage can occur in a wide variety of situations. In each individual case, the repair to restore mobility must be carried out professionally, reliably and absolutely safely, because a blemish can have serious consequences. This applies to all types of tires, whether radial or bias-ply. That is why REMA TIP TOP is using its own specially developed bimodal bonding layer in further series of its tire repair materials - Made in Germany.

The bimodal bonding layer is a special combination of different types of rubber that ensures an exceptionally high initial adhesion to the tire, the so-called Green Tack. REMA TIP TOP has already applied for a patent for this innovation in tire repair. Until now, the bimodal bonding layer was only available in the PREMIUM patch line in the 100, 300 and 500 series for radial tires.

As of now, PN repair patches for cars, trucks, AS, and EM/OTR - MINICOMBI, REMASTEM and UP patches - are also equipped with the bimodal bonding layer for exceptionally high initial adhesion. This allows repair shops and retreaders an improved application with highest structural strength.

All repair patches with bimodal bonding layer are produced by REMA TIP TOP exclusively in Germany. Both RAD and PN patch series are certified for cars and trucks according to ECER 108/109. For quick repairs, REMA TIP TOP offer the TÜV certified MINICOMBI.

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