Acquisition: REMA TIP TOP acquires conveyor technology specialist in northern Italy

Poing near Munich, January 26, 2022. REMA TIP TOP AG acquires the conveyor technology division of Nuova Emil Riv srl, based in the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy, and thus strengthens its strategic position in this market.

Nuova Emil Riv srl was founded in 1981 and specializes in the installation of rubber conveyor belts, idlers and anti-wear linings in the quarry, industrial and construction sectors, among others. The company operates mainly in the Emilia Romagna region, occasionally also in the rest of northern Italy.

In the past, REMA TIP TOP’s subsidiary Rivolta Tip Top Industriale spa operated five service centers in Italy, but none in the Emilia Romagna region. The acquisition strengthens REMA TIP TOP's position in this market, while at the same time the site benefits from the sales power and extensive product portfolio of the parent company.

The REMA TIP TOP Group has acquired the conveyor technology division of Nuova Emil Riv srl as of January 1, 2022. The company name "Emil Riv", which is well established in the region, will be retained.