"The Tire Cologne": REMA TIP TOP presents its innovative side

The Tire Cologne

Poing, May 29, 2018 - "Your trusted partner for the future" is the motto under which the automotive all-rounder REMA TIP TOP is taking part in the launch of the new industry highlight "The Tire Cologne". With its trade fair program, REMA TIP TOP is already presenting itself today as a perfect partner for the tyre industry and the automotive workshops of tomorrow. At the trade fair, premiering from May 29 to June 1, 2018, REMA TIP TOP is presenting a well-developed basic portfolio, highlighting the e-mobility, sensor technology and diagnostics trends that are already shaping the market and rapidly gaining importance.

Diagnostics and monitoring

More knowledge equals safer and more comfortable driving: sophisticated sensor technology is now also being used in the small car segment. Tyre pressure monitoring products have been part of the REMA TIP TOP standard range for years. The automotive supplier is leveraging its broad market experience to further optimize its TPMS technology - for universal versatility and efficient handling. REMA TIP TOP offers even more innovation, however, in terms of diagnostics. Trade fair buzzword: ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistant Systems. Around a quarter of all vehicles are already equipped with lane departure warning systems, parking aids and other assistance systems that make driving much more enjoyable and safer. They nevertheless constitute unfamiliar challenges for service technicians. The systems must be recalibrated after maintenance or repair, even with standard procedures such as the installation of a new wheel and tyre combination. REMA TIP TOP is aware of this requirement and meets it with the current PROFILER product line. REMA TIP TOP offers a foretaste of the future at the trade fair and shows how upgrade packages can be used to adapt these diagnostic and programming devices to any future requirements.


Although the internal combustion engine is still number one, the days of diesel, gasoline and co. are counted. E-mobility is moving beyond its niche market and onto the roads around the world. Experts are predicting a reversal of conditions for individual motorized transportation, public transport and road haulage. A decisive phase of change, including for the tyre market: e-vehicles are making completely new demands on their tyres. This is mainly due to the additional weight of the battery and the powerful, direct torque. When it comes to developing suitable tyres, manufacturers deviate significantly from their usual dimensions at times. Retail and workshops thus have to master new materials and establish new service standards. REMA TIP TOP is already geared up for this today and eager to showcase at the Tire Cologne its products which meet the specific requirements of e-mobility.

Vulcanizing systems

REMA TIP TOP – and its high-performance stationary vulcanizing systems – is already present at major construction sites and mines around the world. Now, the company is presenting its first mobile, single-stage vulcanizing system: REMAVulc. REMAVulc enables the injury filling and repair patches to be heated simultaneously. As a result, the design of the system, if used properly, prevents tyres from becoming deformed.

Conclusion: For visitors looking to experience the most important tyre market trends and innovations at Tire Cologne, the REMA TIP TOP booth is a must-see. The company's presentation is as futuristic as its booth assortment. A virtual reality section, for example, whisks interested visitors out of the trade fair hustle and bustle to the tyre workshop of the future or to a South African mine, where REMA TIP TOP products have to deliver top performances. It's well worth a visit!


REMA TIP TOP is a globally operating system provider of services and products in the field of conveying and processing technology as well as tyre repair. The company has a global service network and offers a wide range of rubber products, linings and coatings for both the industrial and automotive sectors. Over almost a hundred years, the company has built up unique expertise in materials development and industrial services and is active in the material processing, surface protection and automotive sectors.

At the end of the 2017 fiscal year, REMA TIP TOP had generated revenues of more than one billion euros. The company has more than 6,300 employees across the globe, with more than 140 subsidiaries and affiliated companies – including renowned brands like Dunlop Belting Products South Africa, Cobra/Depreux, and Asplit.

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