REMA TIP TOP is bringing together its global conveyor belt business under one roof

Poing, 06. April 2018 – The new Belting Business Unit was launched on April 1, 2018 at REMA TIP TOP. By combining its global conveyor belt resources in one place, the globally active system provider of servces and products in the field of conveyor and materials preparation technology is strengthening its presence on the global conveyor belt market.

With a total of five plants in South Africa, France, Poland, and China, REMA TIP TOP is already one of the major suppliers of conveyor belts. “Until now, all our brands have operated separately on the market. By moving closer together and better taking advantage of the synergies in our company, we will be able to considerably increase our market share,” says Udo Zimmer, CEO of REMA TIP TOP AG. With this new business unit, the aim is to make the company one of the world’s largest providers of conveyor belts in the world.

Mega trends such as the growth of the world population, increasing urbanization, and technological advancements on the Asian continent in particular are causing a boom in the steel industry, port logistics, the energy sector, and the construction sector. These trends mean the forecasts for conveyor belts on the world market are looking good: The volume is expected to grow by 13 percent, reaching 6.2 billion euros between 2017 and 2023. REMA TIP TOP has a clear idea of how to harness this potential:

“We are mainly looking at the growth regions of Southeast Asia, Australia, and Latin America,” explains Stefan Flohr, Head of Belting Business Unit at REMA TIP TOP. The company plans on significantly expanding its presence there. “Our greatest advantage is our global service network, which allows us to offer our customers comprehensive services on the basis of the appropriate conveyor belt, ranging from installation through to maintenance and monitoring,” Stefan Flohr emphasizes, and then adds: “When it comes to the REMA TIP TOP complete range of wear protection, conveyance technology, and components for the preparation of raw minerals, customers can place the efficiency of their entire system in our hands and know that we will come through for them.” In keeping with the REMA TIP TOP philosophy, every system is subjected to a holistic approach in order to optimize the added value for the operator and minimize overall costs. By appointing Stefan Flohr, REMA TIP TOP is placing an experienced conveyor belt expert at the head of the new unit. As the CEO of the company’s South African holding, he is responsible for production in both plants of DUNLOP BELTING PRODUCTS and has been instrumental in shaping the success of these product lines over the past few years.

Pivotal point and hub for conveyor belts in Europe

Over the past few months, REMA TIP TOP has already taken great steps to enhance its competitiveness on the conveyor belt market. In keeping with this, the company opened a central conveyor belt logistics center for all of Europe at the beginning of 2017 in the Dutch city of Arnhem. It serves as a pivotal point and hub within the company for flexibly and quickly delivering conveyor belts from the factories throughout Europe. Another important milestone on the way to expanding conveyor belt business was the appointment of Bertrand Heckel as Director Global Belting Sales in October 2017. In appointing him, they have brought on board a distribution and sales pro with many years of international experience in the conveyor belt business. When it comes to belt production, REMA TIP TOP focuses on producing technical and high-strength belts, with high tensile strength, low abrasion, and high heat resistance, for example. In 2009, REMA TIP TOP acquired the affiliate company DUNLOP BELTING PRODUCTS, which produces innovative high-performance conveyor belts at its two locations in Benoni (Gauteng) and Howick that meet or even exceed all of the most common international standards. Following in 2015 was the takeover of the French COBRA group with plants in France, Poland, and China. There the company produces high-quality conveyor belts especially for the mine, steel, cement, quarry, gravel, sand, food, agrarian, packaging, and logistics industries. Furthermore, REMA TIP TOP has also produced sidewall conveyor belts for moving bulk goods up steep inclines in the German factory in Desdorf since 2004. Up to 15,000 meters of steel cord belting is also regenerated and renewed there every year.