REMA TIP TOP at ACHEMA 2018: A wide variety of heavy-duty corrosion protection solutions

Frankfurt/Main, June 11 - 15, 2018, Hall 9.1, Booth E21

In 2018, the process industry from around the world will once again get together at ACHEMA - the world forum in Frankfurt/Main. This year, REMA TIP TOP AG is using the trade fair as an opportunity to raise the profile of its business unit Surface Protection, by presenting itself as a full-service provider for customers with extreme demands on heavy-duty corrosion protection. Worldwide availability, high flexibility and customer service – experience REMA TIP TOP at ACHEMA 2018.

From component supplier to full-service provider

REMA TIP TOP AG has undergone an impressive development in the area of Surface Protection which it is showcasing at this year’s ACHEMA. Whereas in the past, the product range focused on rubber sheeting, the experts now cover the entire range of lining materials. Rubber, plastic, acid-proof brick linings – whatever the industrial process, REMA TIP TOP Surface Protection supplies the very best quality products. With highly sophisticated engineering and asset management offerings, they provide the decisive edge when it comes to comprehensive service at the highest level. From site audit to planning, from design and material manufacture to on-site assembly, customers can entrust their corrosion protection to REMA TIP TOP Surface Protection: The team always finds the best solution in terms of cost and durability.

Experience variety 

The exhibition in the REMA TIP TOP booth at ACHEMA 2018 demonstrates the engineering performance by providing concrete answers to difficult challenges. In addition, a wide range of smaller, literally tangible exhibits, demonstrates the versatility of the business unit. Trade fair visitors can touch and feel the quality of the various coatings. This shows impressively why, for example, a particularly smooth rubber sheet is resistant to the troublesome problem of caking. This proves that REMA TIP TOP Surface Protection can meet any customer-specific requirements in the best way possible. Even when things get tricky: Many materials have the necessary approvals for the food sector. At the trade fair, REMA TIP TOP presents the new two-component “COROFLAKE KTW” polymer coating which is based on a solvent-free epoxy resin. The cured coating system is approved for direct contact with drinking water and other food stuffs.

Discover service extras

Using the example of COROFLAKE, REMA TIP TOP Surface Protection demonstrates that it thinks far ahead for its customers when it comes to service. The “COROFLAKE Kit” is available separately and contains everything you need to repair minor damage to a COROFLAKE special coating and to a CHEMONIT 20 KTW rubber lining without much effort. The respective repair can be carried out by the customer or by the REMA TIP TOP service team. This optional extra is unique on the market – damaged coatings generally have to be replaced at great expense. Under the slogan “You tell me where, we have the resources”, REMA TIP TOP is introducing a global service network with short response times in even the most remote locations.

Process design in 3D, data in the app

In addition to the tangible exhibits, there is an exciting 3D animation to fascinate the audience at the REMA TIP TOP booth at ACHEMA. Heavy Duty Lining up close – the Surface Protection business unit uses the lining of a sulfuric acid drying tower to demonstrate its superior process design. The animation illustrates each individual step from steel blasting and rubber linings to acid resistant brick linings. The REMA TIP TOP sales team is bringing another new digital development along to the trade fair. The product catalogue, which is normally published in a printed version in time for ACHEMA, has now been integrated in the REMA TIP TOP app. Product database and technical data sheets are always kept up to date. Information and support for the app are available at the booth – it is well worth a visit.


REMA TIP TOP is a globally operating system provider of services and products in the field of conveying and processing technology as well as tyre repair. The company has a global service network and offers a wide range of rubber products, linings and coatings for both the industrial and automotive sectors. Over almost a hundred years, the company has built up unique expertise in materials development and industrial services and is active in the material processing, surface protection and automotive sectors. At the end of the 2017 fiscal year, REMA TIP TOP had generated revenues of more than one billion euros. The company has more than 6,300 employees across the globe, with more than 140 subsidiaries and affiliated companies – including renowned brands like Dunlop Belting Products South Africa, Cobra/Depreux, and Asplit. More information is available at   

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