Major contract for REMA TIP TOP: more than 130 workshop rubber linings for mobile containers

Workshop rubber lining for tank containers and tank cars | CHEMOLINE 70 featuring chemical resistance against mineral acids and bases Poing near Munich, December 10, 2019. Full order books for TIP TOP OBERFLÄCHENSCHUTZ ELBE GmbH: the subsidiary of REMA TIP TOP AG will perform the initial lining of more than 130 tank containers and tank cars with an acid-resistant workshop rubber lining for the companies Van Hool and GATX in the first half of 2020. For this purpose, the leading one-stop supplier of industrial corrosion protection will use the tried and tested in-house development CHEMOLINE 70, based on chlorobutyl rubber and PVC (CIIR / PVC). „We are glad to be given the opportunity to assist our customers Van Hool and GATX with our expertise in the field of corrosion protection and to prove our performance capability as a one-stop supplier of industrial corrosion protection“,told Stefan Meyer, CEO at TIP TOP Oberflächenschutz Elbe, with regard to this major contract. The mobile containers are equipped with a factory-made rubber lining at the subsidiaries of TIP TOP Elbe in Wittenberg and Warstein. Subsequently, they are shipped via the manufacturer, Van Hool, to the customer BASF, who will be able to significantly reduce the processing in daily operations with the stackable tanks compared to the previously used tank cars. Meyer continued: „We have already lined a stationary hydrochloric acid storage facility at BASF with our CHEMOLINE 70, now we are given the opportunity to show the quality of our rubber lining for mobile containers, too.“ In the field of surface protection, REMA TIP TOP distinguishes between two groups of materials for factory-made rubber linings: hard rubber linings for structurally stable components and soft rubber linings characterized by their special flexibility. CHEMOLINE 70 is a soft rubber lining based on chlorobutyl rubber and PVC (CIIR / PVC), featuring a very good chemical resistance against mineral acids, particularly hydrochloric acid of up to 37%, and bases. This REMA TIP TOP product is mainly used for the workshop rubber lining of storage tanks, tank cars, tank trucks or containers made of metal.