eurobike 2019: Safety for E-Bikes and Tubeless Tyres with REMA TIP TOP

Poing near Munich / Anröchte, 27 August 2019. From 4 to 7 September, REMA TIP TOP AG will be presenting its product portfolio in the bicycle sector at eurobike in Friedrichshafen. The 28th edition of the leading global trade fair in the bicycle sector has the title "The future starts here & now" and is expecting more than 60,000 visitors and around 1,400 international exhibitors. REMA TIP TOP, the world market leader in tyre repair, is also shaping the coming business sectors of the bicycle industry and will be demonstrating its product solutions for the e-bike sector and for tubeless tyres at its booth number 308 in hall A4.

The e-bike is one of today’s and tomorrow’s urban mobility trends. Any distance can be overcome with little effort or sporty activity. REMA TIP TOP has been close to the industry since the first trials of electrically assisted bicycles and offers specialist dealers suitable equipment for the motor between two wheels: Eight years ago, the Poing-based company developed the first assembly stand with lifting function for the much heavier e-bikes. The currently available pneumatic assembly stand safely and easily lifts e-bikes weighing up to 35 kg to the desired working height using the 3-point clamping system patented by REMA TIP TOP.

Fire protection for lithium-ion batteries: proper storage in safety cabinet

The motor is the core element and drive cell of every e-bike, but its lithium-based batteries also pose a safety risk: mechanical or thermal damage during operation can cause short circuits during storage or charging, resulting in fire. The fact that this topic has not yet attracted a great deal of public attention is also shown by the current lack of legal regulations. Nevertheless, the Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft (GDV – German Insurance Association) has published an information sheet on loss prevention helping dealers to avoid damage not covered by the respective insurance company. For lithium-ion batteries with an output of more than 100 Wh per battery, the GDV recommends spatially separate storage at a distance of at least five meters from other areas or structural fire-resistant storage. REMA TIP TOP also offers the Battery Locker safety cabinet providing optimum storage conditions and reliable fire protection for lithium-ion batteries. Available in three different sizes, the safety cabinet guarantees over 90 minutes of fire resistance and earthing against electrostatic charging. In the event of a fire, REMA TIP TOP also sells the F500 fire extinguisher, which reliably extinguishes the temperatures of over 1,000° Celsius occurring during battery fires with lithium-ion batteries involved. The first one approved in Germany for extinguishing lithium-ion batteries, which also reliably extinguishes the temperatures of over 1,000° Celsius occuring during battery fires.

Puncture-free without tube: TT SEAL and REMA TIP TOP puncture spray for tubeless tyres

Another trend topic of the modern bicycle industry is tubeless technology tyres promising more speed, comfort, grip and a higher puncture safety. However, tubeless tyres also require repair materials. A high-quality sealing milk is decisive for the functionality of tubeless tyres: REMA TIP TOP TT SEAL made of latex hermetically closes the tubeless tyre as a sealing agent. It simultaneously acts as a prophylaxis for minor puncture injuries of the tyre that automatically re-close while driving. For this purpose, before use with the TT-SEAL filling syringe, the sealing milk is filled into the tyre through the valve. It provides puncture protection for several months. In case of a puncture despite using sealing milk, REMA TIP TOP offers a bicycle puncture spray to repair small leaks on the tread of all tyre types with or without inner tube.