Clever products for an innovative industry

E-bikes, cargo bikes, tubeless tyres: the two-wheel market has seen numerous innovations recently. When it comes to maintenance, care, and repair, bikers as well as two-wheel workshops require the appropriate equipment to ensure that the tour can go on. Once again, REMA TIP TOP is presenting itself at EUROBIKE 2017 as a reliable partner for bike repair shops, dealers, and cyclists. From August 30 to September 2 at the exhibition center in Friedrichshafen, the long-standing company is presenting new products that simplify the use of two-wheeled vehicles and make them safer.

The e-bike boom continues. But innovations that delight cyclists, the environment, and dealers are also accompanied by problems from time to time. Not infrequently, fires in bicycle workshops have been sparked or fueled by defective lithium-ion batteries from e-bikes. However, it is difficult to assess from the outside whether a battery is damaged enough to become dangerous. Operators should thus try to be on the safe side in workshops and in other places where batteries are regularly stored. At EUROBIKE, REMA TIP TOP will present workshop equipment that makes it easier for bicycle workshops to handle e-bike batteries. Other products the repair specialist is presenting in Friedrichshafen simplify the repair of heavy cargo bikes, as well as the assembly, disassembly, and repair of tubeless tires.

Safe storage of lithium-ion batteries

REMA TIP TOP is presenting its range of safety cabinets at the new location in Hall A1 at Stand 300, which is easy to reach directly from the entrance. The BATTERY LOCKER is offered in sizes S, M, and L. The high-security zone for lithium-ion batteries offers optimal storage conditions and reliable fire protection for lithium-ion batteries. The cabinet is made in Germany and consists of non-combustible material. Thanks to its high-quality design and workmanship, it provides 90 minutes of complete fire resistance. The doors close automatically in the event of fire; the cabinet also provides reliable theft protection. In order to minimize the risk of fire in advance, the BATTERY LOCKER is grounded, thus making ignition through electrostatic charging impossible.

The appropriate accessories for the REMA TIP TOP BATTERY LOCKER allow you to further improve storage conditions for the LI batteries. A recirculation or exhaust air fan can be connected to the exhaust opening on the top of the cabinet. The three sizes offered allow every bicycle workshop to find just the right solution, depending on storage requirements and available space. The size S BATTERY LOCKER is designed as a space-saving cabinet base for workshop tables.

Versatility for cargo and courier bikes

Not only are e-bikes trendy – bicycles specially designed to transport goods are also finding more and more private buyers in addition to commercial ones. Due to their considerable weight, however, bicycle workshop employees risk working up a formidable sweat when it comes to repair and maintenance – unless they are equipped with the Cargo Lift from REMA TIP TOP. The versatile tool can be used to lift even heavy, long, and wide bicycles with a total weight of up to 150 kilograms (such as cargo bicycles, courier bicycles, family bicycles or tricycles) that do not fit into a conventional assembly stand. The lift is based on a mounting stand with a boom for a cable hoist made of aluminum profile. The receptacle is designed for flexible use with cable pulls made from various pipes and sheet metal. The lift is equipped with three hooks with sliding blocks for hanging up the control unit and accessories.

The lift works perfectly in conjunction with the likewise newly presented electric ceiling lift. It was designed to quickly, accurately, and easily lift bicycles and also mopeds. The lift features impressively compact, robust design, and easy installation. Potential users can look forward to the low noise level (75 dBa) and easy operation via the two-button control panel. Three PVC-coated suspension hooks reduce the risk of damaging the paintwork. The ceiling lift can also be used as a single product.

Repair material for tubeless tyres

Tubeless tyres are another increasingly popular bicycle trend. REMA TIP TOP offers the perfect repair material that is also suitable for repairing bicycle tires (outer part). The TT 13 TUBELESS assortment is a repair kit for tubeless tires that contains patches for the outer tire to stabilize the damaged carcass and reliably seal the tyre. They also prevent any tears from spreading.

Easier assembly in the workshop and on the road In order to provide bikers and workshops additional assistance with tubeless tyres, REMA TIP TOP is also presenting REMAXX Bike at EUROBIKE. The special assembly fluid for bicycle tires considerably simplifies handling – all you have to do is coat the outer tire and the rim with the fluid to facilitate assembly and disassembly. No additional tool is necessary for this, as the product is completely skin-friendly and can thus simply be smeared on with your finger. The compact 5-gram tube fits into every REMA TIP TOP repair kit, making it the perfect addition for on the road. It now comes with the TT 13 TUBELESS kit as a standard.

REMAXX Bike is also available as a 50-milliliter sponge applicator for workshops. It dries fast and without leaving residue; it’s economical to use as well as simple and clean to handle.

New design for the tried-and-true patch kit

Bicycle repair kits have long formed the basis of REMA TIP TOP’s product range and have been part of many cyclists’ basic equipment for decades. Until now, the coating had to be left to dry for five minutes before applying the patch. Now a new edition of the kit with an optimized repair method repairs the tube without any waiting time. However, many cyclists are so accustomed to the original application that there continues to be great demand for the traditional repair kits. This is why REMA TIP TOP continues to sell them – with a new design inspired by the classic one.

Many other highlights at the trade fair stand

In addition to the numerous innovations, visitors to the exhibition stand can also take a look at many tried-and-true products from the wide range for end users, dealers, and workshops, which extends from emergency repair sprays to chain care down to assembly equipment. REMA TIP TOP’s experts will be on hand with information and answers about the exhibits on display, which visitors can of course also explore for themselves. Professional visitors from the industry can also look forward to browsing through the latest product catalog, which also includes all the new items REMA TIP TOP is presenting at the exhibition. It is available in German and English and can also be accessed on the company website (

The EUROBIKE exhibition will take place from August 30 to September 2 at the Friedrichshafen exhibition center. The first three days are dedicated to an audience of industry professionals; on the last day, end customers can tour the comprehensive exhibits.