Bertrand Heckel at the top of the conveyor belt business

The system supplier REMA TIP TOP is significantly expanding its conveyor belt business. That’s why the company has brought aboard a sales professional with many years of international experience in the conveyor belt business. With Bertrand Heckel as the new Director Global Belting Sales, the system provider is restructuring its international sales organization in the field of conveyor belts and pushing ahead with expanding its market position.

As Director Global Belting Sales, Bertrand Heckel is now in charge of managing international sales of conveyor belts at REMA TIP TOP. The industry insider has over 30 years of experience held in leading international sales positions as well as in the management of global corporations. Bertrand Heckel shall report directly to the Management Board of REMA TIP TOP AG in his new position. In addition to heading up the global conveyor belt sales team, he shall also be responsible for actively managing the conveyor belt brands and the corporation’s product portfolio as well as overseeing the relevant sales and marketing channels.

“With Bertrand Heckel, we’re very happy that we were able to gain such an experienced sales and management professional who knows international conveyor belt markets like hardly anybody else,” says Udo Zimmer, CFO of REMA TIP TOP AG. “He will help us increase our sales activities with the clear goal of continually increasing our market shares above average market growth!”

Fit for the growth markets of the future

Bertrand Heckel is familiar with the core markets of the international conveyor belt business and has actively influenced market development for many years.

Focus on core business increases competitiveness for our global customers!

“With a total annual sales volume of more than five billion euros and good growth perspectives, the global conveyor belt market offers us huge potential,” says Bertrand Heckel. “In the future, we hope to further expand our market position, increase market penetration with higher sales and significantly increase our profitability. We make it possible for our customers to increase their competitiveness by cooperating in partnerships for the operation of conveyor technology systems and facilities and wear protection.”

In addition to Europe and North America’s established markets, he sees strong growth potential in newly emerging regions, such as India, China, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. “Due to the increasing consumption of energy, economic growth in Asian countries will lead to a growing demand for coal,” says Heckel. There’s also accelerated demand for steel and cement in the booming construction industry. In South America, however, the mining industry  is the key driver of growth. “Here, we will invest our combined strength and know-how to offer our customers customized, comprehensive solutions with REMA TIP TOP’s combined portfolio of efficient and sustainable products and services.”

Conveyor belts play a central role in the one-stop provider's portfolio

REMA TIP TOP is establishing itself as a partner for customers on all continents with its range of services and products available for the smooth operation of conveyor systems. The product portfolio includes conveyor belts, conveyor systems, wear protection, and corrosion protection. The company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of conveyor belts thanks to the South African brand, DUNLOP BELTING PRODUCTS, as well as the French COBRA Group with plants based in France, Poland, and China. The conveyor belt portfolio ranges from steel cord or textile belts available for all needs, cleats and sidewalls, to supplementary repair and bonding materials. Custom-made products, heat-resistant designs, and belts with food safety certification also belong to the product range.

“We know our customers’ value chains from start to end since we accompany them along the entire way, from the very first consultation to complete maintenance management,” emphasizes Michael Labbé, member of the Board of Directors at REMA TIP TOP. “Our customers entrust us with the whole package! Starting with the selection and specification of the right conveyor belt and any associated treatment and processing technology, through to the installation as well as the application of wear protection and corrosion protection up to the monitoring and preventive maintenance of the entire system.”