autopromotec 2019: REMA TIP TOP presents mobile and innovative solutions for the automotive sector

Tyre repair with REMA MINICOMBI and REMAVulc | New sales concept for Italy | Sustainable air purification with EXPEL 30 | Comprehensive training for workshops

Poing near Munich, May 21, 2019. Mobile sales solutions, innovative repair materials and ecologically sustainable technologies: at autopromotec, taking place from May 22 to 26 in Bologna, REMA TIP TOP presents its extensive product and service portfolio in the automotive sector. The focus of the trade fair is on the host country, Italy, complemented by the international opportunities and experiences of a globally active group of companies. In terms of presentation, too, REMA TIP TOP pursues new and innovative paths through live coverage in social media.

REMA TIP TOP welcomes the interested public during these four days at its booth B51 in hall 19, presenting a combination of physical products and comprehensive service topics. One of the highlights will take place on Friday, May 24, from 2 pm with the presentation of the new sales concept for Italy, which can be viewed in parallel via live coverage in social media. The new concept encompasses a mobile service solution for all customers through a fleet of about 20 vans, with which the sales partners of REMA TIP TOP cover the whole of Italy. “From the mobile vehicles, the sales personnel can access our new ditigal sales platform,” this is how Daniel Schön, Managing Director at REMA TIP TOP ITALIA AUTOMOTIVE, describes the advantages of the new system. “Any of our partners can access customer information and orders, and access REMA TIP TOP’s delivery performance and thus a warehouse worth about one million euros.” The vans can easily be identified by customers since they are all branded with a special “Power Seller“ logo.

Product innovations at autopromotec: REMA MINICOMBI, REMAVulc and EXPEL 30

In addition to the service solutions, REMA TIP TOP will also present innovative new products at autopromotec: just in time for the Italian trade fair, the repair solution REMA MINICOMBI has received a TÜV certification for safe and durable repair of tyre damages with a maximum length of six millimetres – irrespective of tyre type or car classification – and, with tyres for passenger cars, up to a speed of 300 km/h. “The certificate is an important signal for workshops and end consumers indicating that they can confide in the safety of the MINICOMBI,“ Detlef Witt, Product Line Manager, describes the new certificate. For larger damages and larger tyres, REMA TIP TOP presents the new REMAVulc at autopromotec, the first mobile and one-step vulcanisation system for OTR repair developed by the global market leader from Poing. In the one-step procedure, the damage funnel filled with rubber and the tyre repair patch are vulcanised together, thus making the tyre ready for operation quickly – depending on the size of damage and the cooling down phase. That goes easy on the operator’s budget while at the same time reducing the environmental burden by longer service life of the existing tyre material. For reducing the environmental burden, REMA TIP TOP offers the workshops a further product innovation, EXPEL 30: the filter system for compressed-air lines removes 99.9% of the liquid water, the emulsion liquids and solid particles up to a size of one micron from the filtered line. “A clean air line is the essential thing for machines and equipment featuring a long service life in the workshop“, Schön explains the ecologically sustainable effect of the filter system.

REMA TIP TOP sets a precedent: innovative training concept for workshops all over Italy

In order to support the customer in making correct use of REMA TIP TOP products, the company launched the innovative training concept „REMA Trainings Center“ (RTC for short) in Italy in 2018 and augmented it for autopromotec by adding new training contents. “Our training system was highly embraced by the workshops already in the first year,” Schön describes the experiences so far. The customer registers for a training content and is trained for the special application, for example, the use of VULCStar in agriculture, by an experienced technician. At present, REMA TIP TOP is running seven training centres aross Italy, the latest of which opened near Venice in 2019.


REMA TIP TOP is a globally operating system provider of services and products in the field of conveying and treatment technology as well as tire repair. The company has a global service network and offers a wide range of rubber products, linings and coatings for both the industrial and automotive sectors. Over almost a hundred years, the company has built up unique expertise in materials development and industrial services and is active in the belting, material processing, surface protection and automotive sectors. At the end of the 2017 financial year, REMA TIP TOP generated sales of over 1 billion euros. Worldwide the company employs more than 6,900 employees and has more than 150 subsidiaries and associated companies – including well known brands such as Dunlop Belting Products South Africa, Cobra/Depreux, and Asplit.